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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Vila Verde Santa Maria - To snag and to re-snag

We have been snagging new build properties on the Vila Verde project now for nearly two years! It seems incredible to think that we could be so long on one project of only a little over 1000 units.

It has been a little difficult sometimes to understand which timetable Tecnicil, the developer of the project, is following but the good news is that now we seem to be coming to the final snags. Phase Two (Which is made up of four blocks or "communities" as Tecnicil call them - The four blocks are Lantana, Cactus, Raphis and the verbal mouthful that is Malaleuca).

So if you are an owner of a property anywhere in Vila Verde Resort Santa Maria but have not yet sorted out your property inspections or SNAG Inspection, please contact us immediately via info@snaggingoverseas.com or by phone on 0208 1448200 so we can add you to our snagging schedule.

It does need to be said, as we have alluded to before, that Tecnicil is following a strange rhythm when it comes to snags and re-snags. We have some apartments that were snagged in September 2009 and we have now been asked back for the second snag or, what is even more odd, we have been informed that the snag window is now closed and we can not go back to snag. Odder and odder.

What is true is that the resort is looking great and is clearly close to completion. No we do not know what the condominium fees are either!
In the meantime have a great weekend and we will be sending some photos out for you so you can see the new and improved snag free Vila Verde!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Noticas fantasticas! The SoS Team is returned to full strength!

We are pleased to announce the reappearance of our 33 Chilean Snaggers! We had thought they were skiving off but no, it turns out there were some more serious snags than first expected.
We will now be levying a surcharge for snagging underground layers, and if the layer belongs to a Mr. "E.S. Blofeld" we're not going.

Anyway, great news for the miners but we have work in hand on Vila Verde Resort, Sal Island, Cape Verde, which at times seems buried far more deeply than the trifling 2,257 feet the Chilean miners had to suffer.

Over the past two years we have published many items that seem to come back to life - like Christopher Lee in the Hammer Dracula films, back year after year with a new cape and new teeth.

You can count (Pardon the pun) on our chums at Tecnicil to makelife interesting. From the fridge doors that go bang in the night, well bang into wall sockets, to the now infamous washing machines that yes, do fit under the counter - just shove it in, shove it in! Ok, take the top of it. Et viola! It fits. Snag? No. Here have a letter from the manufacturer saying it's fine.

Now this last point is edgy. After all, we are used to washing machines with their tops on. Why would they make them otherwise. Yet at Snagging Overseas we have to observe, record and report. The letter from the manufacturer is valid so this can not be classed as a snag. It is unlikely this can be held up as a snag. However, it is a little odd and the first time we have seen it.

However, Snagging Overseas has an assurance from Tecnicil that all appliances will be in working order once water and power is on, and we have assured our clients we will test the appliances when able to, so rest assured we will be going in there to look at everything mechanical and electrical and, for Mission Washing Machine, we have 33 sets of dirty clothing and possibly a filthy cat as test items. And we will wathching the washing machines more closely than the world watched the return of our snaggers.

Forza Chile!

For information on getting your property snagged in Cape Verde, or anywhere else in the world you can send us an email to info@snaggingoverseas.com

Monday, 11 October 2010

Snagging on Sal.....Phase Two and others

Malaleuca ready to go?

 It’s Snag Time in Cape Verde! So “Lets get ready to rummbbllleeeeee……………………..” as Mr Buffer would say!

One of our guys remarked recently that the remarkable changes in phase one in Tecnicil's Vila Verde development over the past 12 months could be compared to ITV’s “Laddette to Lady!”

However, incredibly enough Tecnicil have now announced snagging for Lantana and have prewarned us heros of the snagging world of imminent snagging in Cactus, Raphis and Malaleuca (No we can't pronounce it either - "mala-lee-uka"? "Mally-luka"?).

As the warm glow of the Portuguese Autumnal October sun sets over Snag HQ its making us feel sleepy and generous – so if you need to snag your property, check out the website for the discounts and offers of the “Snag and Clean “Combo – for Lantana, Cactus, Raphis and Melaleuca!! Fingers and laser measurement guns crossed they may all even be open for inspections by the end of the year!

So the Snag mobile is moving full steam ahead into Lantana with the Tortuga Beach Blocks all go – soon its over to Djadsal Moreadias, Dunas Beach and eventually”ish “ into the Paradise Resort.

And if we thought that Snagging in Cabo Verde (To snag in Cape Verde turns is local) is fun we‘re just happy that we are not near the Village in Delhi! We can think of better places to be than entering a swimming competition with a ropey stomach!! And buildings collapsing before any remedial work is discovered is top drawer! Not exactly what it says on the tin we think – perhaps they should send for Electra?!