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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Life At Lisbon's Legoland!


Yes we are back at the "Pam", one of " Lisbons" most famous resorts!

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of viewing Palmela Village, close to Setubal and south of the capital Lisbon, this development is one for that old adage where you either “love it or hate it”!!

I recall my first sighting some years ago and was struck by the infamous color scheme and the highly unusual design of the properties. Like the “Guilty Pleasure” cd or admitting that you miss Val Doonican at Christmas I confess that my initial opinion has changed quite dramatically over the years.

Whilst I am still not overly convinced that the color scheme actually works and on the wrong day looks like Sporting Lisbon’s Football stadium ( lets hope Everton find the right place! ) but then it was designed by the same architect, Tomás Taveira, of both architectural and amateur movie fame!!
In Palmela Village the use of the living space and internal lighting is extremely effective and the split level mezzanine floors in the Villas does actually justify the price. Sometimes.

Whatever opinion people hold it is certainly a landmark resort and now that the Golf course has bedded in after what feels like 200 years it is starting to resemble the model village we saw years ago! (It wouldn’t be a Portuguese development if some properties hadn't been built incorrectly, or where building had been refused completely because of cork trees where the kitchen was going to be or just not built at all!)

Anyway our Portugal Head office will be closed during the Christmas period to renew our laser guns, rest our cameras and recharge the batteries. Well all of us except Serafina who is, by her own account, going to "catch up on marketing reading!". Sounds brill eh? *yawn*

You can still email us
info@snaggingoverseas.com should you have any questions or queries during this time and be sure to visit http://www.snaggingoverseas.com/ to remind yourselves of what we do and where do it.

In the meantime on behalf of all the team in Portugal, Spain, Cabo Verde, Turkey and Dubai may we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

Have a Snag free Crimbo.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Dads Army Snagging in Dubai,

We are still " Snagging In Dubai !"

Whilst the world has been held spell bound by the economic excitement in Dubai our boys took it easy dropped their snagging tools and went on holiday! Suffice to say that in the developments we are currently snagging at Dubai Marina, Downtown Burji and out at Al Hamra and the Core Project it seems like a case of business as usual now that the religious holidays are over.

Which was quite unlike the furor caused by Dubai World’s statement that they were “a little short “before closing shop for a few days – it makes it exciting to say the least when comparing the style in which different cultures structure their affairs! (Although they all seem to embrace the word “delay! “ )


Speculation is rife that the capital Abu Dabu would shore up the Dubai debt – although it looks likely that they will not inject as much of the readies as its dear neighbour, and cousin, requires. This poses an interesting questionas to what exactly will happen in the short to mid term. Pragmatic observers believe it is merely a downward blip on the Dubai Radar and have advised investors not to panic whilst others have gone Full Dads Army and proclaimed "We're all doomed!"

Our advice : Always check the situtaion with your legal representative and engage directly with the developer where possible - Watch this space for photos of the developments currently under the Snagging Overseas Magnifying Glass.