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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Facebook R us! Please become a fan of SoS

The always funny staff at Snagging Overseas often fail to do the right thing when it comes to marketing so it comes to me, Serafina, to put things right.

So I would ask that you go to Facebook and become a "Fan" of Snagging Overseas. Our goal is to reach 500 fans by the end of February.

To do so you can login to your Facebook page and search for Snagging Overseas. When you have selected the page, just click on "Become a fan" and that is, as you English speakers say "Job done!".

Thanks very much in advance!

Snagging Conundrum..Retreat? Hell No! We're just fighting in a different direction..!

And so goes the quote from an American General in the Vietnam war!

...And just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(What the snag was the name of that film..??!! Glues: Benchley, Bruce and bigger boats!)

Well done to those keen eyed Snagging Overseas blog regulars!! You spotted the utility offer service for the first 20 to sign up must have "slightly"exceeded that number! And just to make it more fun for the Sal Snagging Crew the information costs were incorrect as well! Thank heavens we only obtained that information from Electra – whoops! True to our word and Serafina’s purse we'll fight to get the correct information in future!

For those about to sign up we can confirm that the utility connection service will remain at 50 Euros with Electra’s costs at an additional charge. As their figures have changed as many times as an Enron accountant in the last few days we will advise you at the point of connection.

We understand Electra’s costs this week, for example, a Three bed room apartment is 50 Euros - smaller properties should be less (however this is Cabo Verde so we’ll only know when we are there sweating in the office!)

As before, for those that want to register just send an email to info@snaggingoverseas.com with your property details and we’ll send a Payment request for the 50 Euro connection service – when we eventually have the opportunity to connect we’ll send you a further payment request with Electra’s fees.

Many thanks for your continued support and well spotted the Snag Blog groupies’! (And you know who you are!!) ( and you should get out more!! )

By the way, Serafina tells us constantly that we have to put links in, help our clients find useful information. So here is the link of the week:


The last time we went there the site had suffered what the IT boys and girls call a DSN Hijack, ie, it redirects you to a place where you can buy dodgy loptops off the back of a lorry. Go figure!

Have a snag free week!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Snagging Super Sunday at the Superbowl!!

New Orlean Saints v Indianana Colts v CSI v The Who!

Although Florida is known as the Sunshine state it actually has a similar climate to Southern Portugal. Today the sun is shining, its 20 degrees and a far cry from the last snow that fell on Albufeira in 1913 – Serafina doesn’t understand the fuss recently in the UK and Ireland (!) Here its great weather to
snag and clean!

Ironically plans are afoot to launch our next phase of Global Snagging Domination as we intend to snag and clean our way around the sunshine state in Florida. Now that Grisham has retired from “Crime Scene Investigation” he’s a must for a snagging job! For now though most of the eyes of the world will be homing in on Miami on Sunday along with practically every American for the ultimate game of games : Superbowl!

Nearly 200 million Americans alone watched it last year with the live feed going to another 230 countries. (It was “live “in Sal 3 weeks later!) Hoping to avoid repeats of Nipplegate and chronic half time miming the organizers have brought in one of THE bands to entertain the masses – Get your mohair pressed, fire up the 2 stroke and get ready to rumble for “The Who” – as Mr. Daltry will be booming out the 3 theme tunes to the global phenomena that is CSI (Question of the week has not been will Manning outfox Brees (of course he will) but which Who tunes go with which CSI!! – Can you name them? )
Hopefully they’ll play live rather than lip sync as there are few sights better to witness in rock than Mr. Townsend windmill his guitar into a musical frenzy. Genius!

Here are the boys opening their European Tour in Lisbon 2007 - We were there and we Snagged them! And then cleaned the Pavillion! Serafina managed to get hospitality tickets for herself and the family but we managed to snag them! Geddit??

Have a snag free week!