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Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Bucket And Spade Blue Flag Brigade ……

Ever wonder how a beach obtains a “Blue Flag “– No, not by voting for Biff Baff Boris! We at Snagging Overseas have our sources in all the smallest places that not even the fees office would notice.

Our Algarvian contact rises at 04.00am on a Monday morning and divides the province into 2 half’s. Over the next 2 days between 05.00 until 15.00 his team of “ little helpers “ navigate every beach in the Algarve and physically enter the water waist high to scoop up samples of the ocean into small test tubes. These are then returned to the HQ in Lagoa where the water is tested for quality, chemicals, bacteria, minerals and Viagra.

Once the all clear is given the information is passed to the various authorities tasked
with looking after the beaches from the marine police, lifeguards to the local council and tourism offices.

The Algarve is world famous for having some of the most impressive beaches in the world from the “ Caribbean “ like sand banks on the islands off Faro and Tavira to the stunning rock formations and caves around the Lagos area. Recently snagged properties in the western Lagos - Oceana Apartments, Vila Ancora and Quinta Da Palmeris- all have the opportunity to relax on the Porto Do Mos beach.

Indeed Lagos itself is one of the most cosmopolitan of Portugal’s resort with campsites and backpackers inter railing to the most western train station in Europe. Infamously home to Europe’s first slave market – now a fantastic art house gallery – it also showcases Portugal’s incredible history and attractions with quaint cobbled streets, paved walkway’s with open air cafes, lively bars and restaurants with surfers and bucket and spaders all mixing harmoniously – and remember the beaches!

Recently the Lonely Planet published its guide " Travel with Children ". Included in the " Top 10 Beaches in the World for Families " is the island off Tavira. They quote that it is "a magnificent untamed beach that goes on for miles "...and as somebody that's walked it with " she who must be obeyed "........it most certainly does!

This, along with the World Health Organisation Report that the Algarve and the Costa Del Sol enjoy TWO of the healthiest climates in the world, only strenghtens these areas when the market decides it's had enough of gloom, doom and cloud and gets back on track

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Update on Turkey

We have been snagging some developments in Turkey recently and have come across some unique approaches to customer service!

Anyway, to protect the guilty we won't be giving any names, suffice us to say that if you have purchased a property in Turkey ensure that you get your paperwork sorted by a qualified local solicitor and that you approach the whole inspection of the property subject in writing.

At Snagging Overseas we can help with this because, quite frankly, we have seen it all before! What better reason to employ the services of a professional company like ours?

Remember that we can also take photos of your property, even if it is not ready for snagging yet. There seems to be great apprehension in the overseas property world as to whether developments will be finished on time or not. The best way is to see for you own eyes!