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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Very Merry Christmas to One and All!

             Snagging Overseas Top Tip for a Top Gear Special

Here at Snagging Overseas we are gradually waiting for the yuletide season to arrive to enjoy one of our highlights of the year – repeats! Ahh to sit down with the pipe and slippers in front of a roaring log fire and relax and try to survive without Sky Plus!

We’ve heard on the grapevine that one of the snagging team’s fav’s “Top Gear “has another yuletide special! Who can forget Mr Clarkson on a Vespa riding through Vietnam! Comedy Gold!  

Of course that reminds us of the famous Clarkson Island sketch with Harry and Paul

Few people realize that Sal was originally the setting for the show!

With its idyllic climate, friendly natives and slow slow slow pace of life it would appear to be the complete opposite to the Clarkson: a man noted for pausing more during a sentence that William Shatner and the man many “ proper men “ think should be crowned Prime Minster! Surely he wouldn’t have a “Clegg to stand on! “

You can also imagine James “Speed “May appreciating the shear diversity of a gear box in Sal which replicates the way of living and business, ie “Start – Stall – Slow “

We could picture Hammond scampering over the sand dunes on his quad only to find he’s run out of sand!! What..? On an island? Surely not!  

So amazingly after “only “two years of snagging operations in Vila Verde we find that Melaleuca remains the only community without an inspection date – although as Clarkson’s told us from the land of sand it looks sure to start in January ( 2011! ) So make sure you get ready to Snag in the New Year and let Snagging Overseas do the work for you (without the pipe and slippers) contact us on info@snaggingoverseas.com   

Please note the Head Office will be closed during the Christmas week and will re – open on 3rd January 2011.

May we take this opportunity from all the team in Portugal, Spain, Cabo Verde, Dubai and Turkey to wish you all a very happy peaceful Christmas and a Snag Free New Year

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Vila Verde Santa Maria - To snag and to re-snag

We have been snagging new build properties on the Vila Verde project now for nearly two years! It seems incredible to think that we could be so long on one project of only a little over 1000 units.

It has been a little difficult sometimes to understand which timetable Tecnicil, the developer of the project, is following but the good news is that now we seem to be coming to the final snags. Phase Two (Which is made up of four blocks or "communities" as Tecnicil call them - The four blocks are Lantana, Cactus, Raphis and the verbal mouthful that is Malaleuca).

So if you are an owner of a property anywhere in Vila Verde Resort Santa Maria but have not yet sorted out your property inspections or SNAG Inspection, please contact us immediately via info@snaggingoverseas.com or by phone on 0208 1448200 so we can add you to our snagging schedule.

It does need to be said, as we have alluded to before, that Tecnicil is following a strange rhythm when it comes to snags and re-snags. We have some apartments that were snagged in September 2009 and we have now been asked back for the second snag or, what is even more odd, we have been informed that the snag window is now closed and we can not go back to snag. Odder and odder.

What is true is that the resort is looking great and is clearly close to completion. No we do not know what the condominium fees are either!
In the meantime have a great weekend and we will be sending some photos out for you so you can see the new and improved snag free Vila Verde!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Noticas fantasticas! The SoS Team is returned to full strength!

We are pleased to announce the reappearance of our 33 Chilean Snaggers! We had thought they were skiving off but no, it turns out there were some more serious snags than first expected.
We will now be levying a surcharge for snagging underground layers, and if the layer belongs to a Mr. "E.S. Blofeld" we're not going.

Anyway, great news for the miners but we have work in hand on Vila Verde Resort, Sal Island, Cape Verde, which at times seems buried far more deeply than the trifling 2,257 feet the Chilean miners had to suffer.

Over the past two years we have published many items that seem to come back to life - like Christopher Lee in the Hammer Dracula films, back year after year with a new cape and new teeth.

You can count (Pardon the pun) on our chums at Tecnicil to makelife interesting. From the fridge doors that go bang in the night, well bang into wall sockets, to the now infamous washing machines that yes, do fit under the counter - just shove it in, shove it in! Ok, take the top of it. Et viola! It fits. Snag? No. Here have a letter from the manufacturer saying it's fine.

Now this last point is edgy. After all, we are used to washing machines with their tops on. Why would they make them otherwise. Yet at Snagging Overseas we have to observe, record and report. The letter from the manufacturer is valid so this can not be classed as a snag. It is unlikely this can be held up as a snag. However, it is a little odd and the first time we have seen it.

However, Snagging Overseas has an assurance from Tecnicil that all appliances will be in working order once water and power is on, and we have assured our clients we will test the appliances when able to, so rest assured we will be going in there to look at everything mechanical and electrical and, for Mission Washing Machine, we have 33 sets of dirty clothing and possibly a filthy cat as test items. And we will wathching the washing machines more closely than the world watched the return of our snaggers.

Forza Chile!

For information on getting your property snagged in Cape Verde, or anywhere else in the world you can send us an email to info@snaggingoverseas.com

Monday, 11 October 2010

Snagging on Sal.....Phase Two and others

Malaleuca ready to go?

 It’s Snag Time in Cape Verde! So “Lets get ready to rummbbllleeeeee……………………..” as Mr Buffer would say!

One of our guys remarked recently that the remarkable changes in phase one in Tecnicil's Vila Verde development over the past 12 months could be compared to ITV’s “Laddette to Lady!”

However, incredibly enough Tecnicil have now announced snagging for Lantana and have prewarned us heros of the snagging world of imminent snagging in Cactus, Raphis and Malaleuca (No we can't pronounce it either - "mala-lee-uka"? "Mally-luka"?).

As the warm glow of the Portuguese Autumnal October sun sets over Snag HQ its making us feel sleepy and generous – so if you need to snag your property, check out the website for the discounts and offers of the “Snag and Clean “Combo – for Lantana, Cactus, Raphis and Melaleuca!! Fingers and laser measurement guns crossed they may all even be open for inspections by the end of the year!

So the Snag mobile is moving full steam ahead into Lantana with the Tortuga Beach Blocks all go – soon its over to Djadsal Moreadias, Dunas Beach and eventually”ish “ into the Paradise Resort.

And if we thought that Snagging in Cabo Verde (To snag in Cape Verde turns is local) is fun we‘re just happy that we are not near the Village in Delhi! We can think of better places to be than entering a swimming competition with a ropey stomach!! And buildings collapsing before any remedial work is discovered is top drawer! Not exactly what it says on the tin we think – perhaps they should send for Electra?!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Speed - Is it of the Essence?!

Mark Twain once said “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow “– Especially if it’s August!

Hot humid and with what seems like the entire 900,000 Portuguese Paris citizens on their hol’s in their cars, everybody has taken the concept of how many different ways you can go round a roundabout to a new level! Good Times.

As many of you know we have relocated our office to a brand spanking snagging free place just outside Albufeira. As long as we have been in operation snagging here in the Sunny Algarve we have become used to the “it’ll be done in 2 days “time factor.

However we must surely award Portugal Telecom the “Tortoise Snagging Speedster Award “for taking just 23 days from the installation of our new phone line for it to become operational!!

Our new phone / fax number is 00 351 289 516650 or if you are calling from the UK dial 0208 1448200.

We are in the process of changing our brochures and updating the website – although how long this will take depends on who’s not on holiday! The original Snagging Overseas number will be operational in the interim period

Lots of movement in the developments we are snagging in Cabo Verde, Dubai and Portugal so check the blog for more updates and photos soon!

Snag Soon.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

We're back... finally

After some digital shenanigans (sic!) that impeded our ability to ftp our blog to our website, we are hoping that now we are back!

We will see if this works!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Snagging Utilities at Vila Verde - August 2010

“Get Connected”!!!

Connect with Snagging Overseas begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting with no Notarized Signatures required….!!!!

Further to our long ongoing debate with Electra regarding paperwork for the connection utility service we will be sending the information about this process in the next few days.

As you maybe aware Electra has continually changed the paperwork required during our discussions, more times than the coalition government changed sides during the recent elections! This was primarily over the requirement of a POA for Snagging Overseas begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting authorising connection of the services.

We have, at great length, explained to Electra how expensive, time consuming and unnecessary this can be. Particularly in view that we have connected utilities on other islands without requiring these documents. (And through Electra!) (Go Figure!!)

With this in mind we have secured an agreement with Tecnicil where by it would act as a guarantor for Snagging Overseas begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting and on behalf of the new legal owners of the property.

In order to proceed with the applications for the connections we needed to ask our clients if you have or intend to enter into the Tecnicil Rental agreement.

For those clients signed up for the rental agreement, Tecnicil will guarantee with Electra that they will be responsible for missed payments.

For those that are not in the rental pool Tecnicil may request an additional payment of 100 Euros to cover possible missed payments. This deposit is refundable to Snagging Overseas begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting Clients should the non – rental owners decide to either enter the rental agreement or change the contract into their own or another persons name. This can be done on Sal at the Electra office in the capital.

For further information and the costs and pricing of our service please email info@snaggingoverseas.com or contact us on our new number! 00 351 289 516 650 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 00 351 289 516 650 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

All our current clients signed up will receive an Email from Serafina on Thursday 12th August( we're not saying she's superstitious but no way was this being sent on Friday 13th! )

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Tortugas Beach Resort

Snagging Overseas has now begun snagging Tortuga Beach Resort and Spa, the development being finished off by The Resort Group on Sal Island in The Cape Verde Islands.

As experts in snagging overseas property, Snagging Overseas were nonetheless delighted to be hired by clients to take on the inspection of their Cape Verdean property.

Close to Ponta Preta beach, the resort is looking very good and its location is second to none.

Many clients will know that the Tortuga Beach Resort and Spa is to be managed by the very professional Spanish hotel company Sol Melia. This is good news for any client who wishes for a solid return on their investment. This is a plus for the island of Sal as well. It will be a top notch, 5 star operation guaranteed to attract quality tourism to the country.

For more information on our services, please check our our website www.snaggingoverseas.com where apart further information on Snagging Overseas you can see the pricing for snagging and cleaning here: http://www.snaggingoverseas.com/paypal.aspx

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Snagging OverEaster - Deep in the Heart of Catholic Ibeira

A typical Easter sunday afternoon on the beach.........

Last Sunday highlighted the interesting Paradox between events held in the Algarve. On the one hand you could witness the sheer power of the World Class Super Bikes held at the ever so spanking new Portimao Motordrome…or a few minutes over the river you could indulge in cultural excellence in the form of the Moldavian National Opera House with their outstanding performance of “ Carmen “

Set in Seville this world famous opera has been performed all over the world – and this weekend in Seville sees the semanta festival which is one of the most important in the Spanish calendar.

In view of the many fiestas taking place in this most important snag free weekend please note the Snagging Overseas head office here in Portugal will be closed over the Easter break from Thursday 1 April until Wednesday 7 April. If you have any queries in the meantime you can direct email traffic to info@snaggingoverseas.com which will be monitored and in emergencies contact 00 351 289 586 581.

We hope at some point during the Easter break that we will receive divine snagging intervention that will clear up the ongoing Electra and utility connections saga!

On behalf of all the worldwide snagging team have a great Easter (and not too much chocolate!)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Snagging In the East - Algarve at the Marina Village

Snagging on Roof’s with views…….

When I first came to Portugal 20 years ago it would be fair to say that Olhao would not have been high on the Algarve’s list to snag and clean!

Typical Algarvian and because of its close proximity to the capital Faro more residential than touristic, Olhao is renowned for its fish market, restaurants and it’s striking distance to one of Portugal’s most famous secrets – The Rio Formosa National park.

Stretching over a huge 42,000 acres of preserved and protected land the park from the air looks like 5 colossal sand banks. Arguably the most well known is “ Tavira Island “ close to the Cabanas Garden development where we were snagging last week.

Generally a small journey by boat will take you over to the park and its beaches, however if you head towards the Santa Lucia area you can catch a small train over to one of the beaches. (More Ivor the Engine than Virgin Trains)

If you want spoil yourself this summer book the speedboat and head to one of the finest restaurants in Southern Iberia. Resting on its lonesome on the island of Barrata (or deserta) it’s a favorite chill out zone for the Snag Crowd, particularly in the long sun drenched summer days. (And remember it’s only open in the summer months)

The National park differs from the more well known beaches in the central Algarve near Snag HQ. Here in the East you find the water warmer and the beaches long flat and can often look more Caribbean in appearance.

We have just started snagging inspections in the Village Marina Olhao – this is a view from the roof. It’s a top quality development and you can make out the lighthouse on Farol Island in the distance. Nestled next door will be the 5 Star Real Marina Spa and Hotel – snag please! – Both overlooking the new marina.

No doubt about it………Olhao has most certainly changed! It even has a football team in the Top Division! (Managed by one time Charlton player Jorge Costa!)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Facebook R us! Please become a fan of SoS

The always funny staff at Snagging Overseas often fail to do the right thing when it comes to marketing so it comes to me, Serafina, to put things right.

So I would ask that you go to Facebook and become a "Fan" of Snagging Overseas. Our goal is to reach 500 fans by the end of February.

To do so you can login to your Facebook page and search for Snagging Overseas. When you have selected the page, just click on "Become a fan" and that is, as you English speakers say "Job done!".

Thanks very much in advance!

Snagging Conundrum..Retreat? Hell No! We're just fighting in a different direction..!

And so goes the quote from an American General in the Vietnam war!

...And just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(What the snag was the name of that film..??!! Glues: Benchley, Bruce and bigger boats!)

Well done to those keen eyed Snagging Overseas blog regulars!! You spotted the utility offer service for the first 20 to sign up must have "slightly"exceeded that number! And just to make it more fun for the Sal Snagging Crew the information costs were incorrect as well! Thank heavens we only obtained that information from Electra – whoops! True to our word and Serafina’s purse we'll fight to get the correct information in future!

For those about to sign up we can confirm that the utility connection service will remain at 50 Euros with Electra’s costs at an additional charge. As their figures have changed as many times as an Enron accountant in the last few days we will advise you at the point of connection.

We understand Electra’s costs this week, for example, a Three bed room apartment is 50 Euros - smaller properties should be less (however this is Cabo Verde so we’ll only know when we are there sweating in the office!)

As before, for those that want to register just send an email to info@snaggingoverseas.com with your property details and we’ll send a Payment request for the 50 Euro connection service – when we eventually have the opportunity to connect we’ll send you a further payment request with Electra’s fees.

Many thanks for your continued support and well spotted the Snag Blog groupies’! (And you know who you are!!) ( and you should get out more!! )

By the way, Serafina tells us constantly that we have to put links in, help our clients find useful information. So here is the link of the week:


The last time we went there the site had suffered what the IT boys and girls call a DSN Hijack, ie, it redirects you to a place where you can buy dodgy loptops off the back of a lorry. Go figure!

Have a snag free week!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Snagging Super Sunday at the Superbowl!!

New Orlean Saints v Indianana Colts v CSI v The Who!

Although Florida is known as the Sunshine state it actually has a similar climate to Southern Portugal. Today the sun is shining, its 20 degrees and a far cry from the last snow that fell on Albufeira in 1913 – Serafina doesn’t understand the fuss recently in the UK and Ireland (!) Here its great weather to
snag and clean!

Ironically plans are afoot to launch our next phase of Global Snagging Domination as we intend to snag and clean our way around the sunshine state in Florida. Now that Grisham has retired from “Crime Scene Investigation” he’s a must for a snagging job! For now though most of the eyes of the world will be homing in on Miami on Sunday along with practically every American for the ultimate game of games : Superbowl!

Nearly 200 million Americans alone watched it last year with the live feed going to another 230 countries. (It was “live “in Sal 3 weeks later!) Hoping to avoid repeats of Nipplegate and chronic half time miming the organizers have brought in one of THE bands to entertain the masses – Get your mohair pressed, fire up the 2 stroke and get ready to rumble for “The Who” – as Mr. Daltry will be booming out the 3 theme tunes to the global phenomena that is CSI (Question of the week has not been will Manning outfox Brees (of course he will) but which Who tunes go with which CSI!! – Can you name them? )
Hopefully they’ll play live rather than lip sync as there are few sights better to witness in rock than Mr. Townsend windmill his guitar into a musical frenzy. Genius!

Here are the boys opening their European Tour in Lisbon 2007 - We were there and we Snagged them! And then cleaned the Pavillion! Serafina managed to get hospitality tickets for herself and the family but we managed to snag them! Geddit??

Have a snag free week!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Cape Verde Lights Up!! Vila Verde has Power!.. What now Dr Frank?!?!

BREAKING NEWS....................................VILA VERDE HAS SEEN THE LIGHT........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At long last Electra - the Utility company for all of the islands in the Cape Verde Archipelago - has assumed responsibility for the connection of the water and the electricity which means the Green Village should soon start resembling the Vila Verde real estate development that is on the website and the original Cape Verde promotional materials!! (Remember them?! – Tom Baker was Doctor Who!! )

Positive news indeed and now that one hurdle is cleared, oh the joys and delights of the Cape Verdean bureaucratic connection system come next!! And if you thought the Indian civil service had a reputation for over staffing………! This is a civil service even Sir Humphrey would be proud to lead around the maze at Hampton court!

Once you have signed your Cape Verdean title deed and are the proud owner of an apartment on the Island of Sal – as many people have already done a long long time ago on the island of Mindelo not so far far away – you will receive the official legal documents stating that you are now the proud owner of your property on the Vila Verde development. These documents need to be taken to the Electra office and produced along with your passport and several other documents to prove you are the legal owner of your Sal property.
From our experience it is always far more effective if you set up a direct debt for the monthly "ish" utility payments. We know some people are wary of using these for the fear receiving query able bills, however better to face this possibility knowing when you arrive at 04.00 in the morning your utilities will not have been cut off from lack of payment!!

You can always query the bill when you are there – or as you are on Sal, and you will become Cape Verdean do what the locals do and get somebody else to go and query it for you! The good news is that, like all things in Cape Verde, even if you don't pay we are told that they sometimes can take up to a year to cut you off! So sometimes the delays work in your favour!

Here at Snagging Overseas we offer a connection service to save you the journey and, above all the queue. So please contact us on info@snaggingoverseas.com and book your utilities with us now. The first 20 clients get a 20% discount!

This is how most people feel after leaving the Electra office….! But at least you’ll be connected!