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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Spain is on the up!

The UK press is responsible for so much, or totally irresponsible, depending on your viewpoint!

For example, many people mention the Spanish land grab. It was hyped in the press. Yet of the 800,000 Brits who purchased in Spain there are only some 55 cases of the LRAU (The law in question) being used against them. And there are strong arguments to support the fact that they, the Brits, may not have been in the right.

So why do we begin with this? Mainly because we have seen a big upsurge in snagging in Spain over the last few weeks and this is an indicator that the UK market is buying there again.

Yet the press would have us believe we were all mad to buy anything anywhere at the moment. Even nipping down the corner shop to buy a bag of crisps could put you in all kinds of danger. So don't do it!

Anyway, if you really are an extraorindary character and have decided to buck the trend and purchase a property in Spain because, well let's face it, it's the absolute best time to do so, please remember that before you go to deeds you should have this property snagged, or inspected for faults, and have the snag list that we produce sent to the vendor or developer.

Where are we snagging at the moment?

Well, in Spain's Costa del Sol we currently have clients who have purchased in El Campanario (The Belfry for those of us who don't speak the lingo). Paraiso Hills (Very nice too!) and Oasis Cala de Mijas.

On the Costa Blanca we have seen some action in Polaris World sites El Valle and also some movement Punta Prima.

Bu of course we will snag anywhere in Spain. We have even done some snagging in Galicia. Hence the photo. This property was sold for something like 55,000 Euros! Not bad, but it's a bit nippy up that way!

Anyway, have a snag free week and don't forget to contact Snagging Overseas for any proerty inspection or advice.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Snagging Overses at A Place in the Sun Live 2009

Well, we all know that Serafina our intrepid, knows-no-boundaries Group Marketing Director, believes that Snagging Overseas should go everywhere for all marketing opportunities. And so she prepared a trip for herself and then fell ill!

Laughed?! We were ever so worried about her health as we changed the tickets from her name to ours and got on the plane for Birmingham.

As you may know A Place in the Sun Live! is held twice a year, once in Earl's Court, London and once in the NEC in Birmingham. Being September it was in Brum.

So we duly packed up all of Serafina's marketing material and jetted off. Turth be told, we did sort of leave a lot of the leaflets in the suitcases but hey, we wanted to look at the public response and attitude to overseas property. We know they will choose us once they have bought something. I mean, why choose anyone else?

We did not, as it appears, and also as some people have tried to insinuate (Not Serafina, of course), just hang around star struck to get photos with Jasmine and Jasmine and Jasmine the three presenters of A Place in the Sun!

So what was the feeling in this edition of A Place in the Sun?

It seems the general consensus from the agents was that there was a good abundance of quality leads. What was interesting, was that this show had the highest ever ratio of visitors to exhibitors.

So, with all this talk of "Green Shoots" and "We're on the road to recovery", let's hope that the results of this show are what everyone wants - that buyers get a great deal, that sellers feel the return to confidence and that whoever buys whatever wherever that they choose Snagging Overseas to get the very best out of the proerty.
The best thing here is that we have got through an entire article about A Place in the Sun without mentioning Amanda Lamb! Oops!