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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Branson, Blesson, Bladerunner and Beauty


Following the recent Worldwide property show at the grand Hyatt - green shoots or are they perhaps golden palm trees?! – we’ve been advised that despite the downturn, there is over 900 Billion US still invested in Dubai! It would appear that people are still looking to buy in the UAE. Our contact in Salford has assured us that even Kai Wayne has already purchased in the Jumeirah!

Whilst out and about we popped into The Art lounge at the Grand Hyatt which was recently opened by the Oscar nominated and critically acclaimed director ( and business associate of Richard Branson with Virgin Comics ) Shehar Kapur
Talking of which, Dubai has the perfect comic book BladeRunner ( so was he a replicant?! ) setting with its spectacular futuristic buildings, stunning waterfronts, lunar landscape and the intoxicating smell of heat, humidity, spices and the exotic. You can often see the vapor trails in the air which is consistent with the temperature changes. – just check out The Burj (Which only means he Tower, so no prizes for naming their!) which was due to open its first phase next month. As the world’s tallest skyscraper it’s just slightly more elevated than Nikolay Valuev!

The air temperature combination has raised questions concerning humidity within the propertities we have been inspecting. In general, items identified require re-plastering and repainting with some sealant locks around windows allowing air movement.

We are currently working in Al Hamra Village Resort which blends in extremely well with its setting (ie spectacular!! ) A hybrid of Luc Blesson’s Firth Element meets Beverley hills! We’ll keep you posted.

Have a snag free week….!

Oscars-Shehar Kapur-Hyatt-Al Hamira-Richard Branson-Kai Rooney- Luc Blesson-

Where Eagles Dare - Portugal

……….WHERE EAGLES DARE..........

We are also currently snagging high above Albufeira at Cerro D Aguia.

Loosely translated as “the hill of the eagle” and commonly referred to as” Millionaires’ Row “it was one of the first residential areas lived in by the professional and wealthy classes.

Here, overlooking the Albufeira Marina – or Trumpton as we prefer to call it! - Eagles did once soar and dare and Iberian lynxes hunted without the fear of extinction.

Their habitat has slowly decreased over the decades but still the surrounding area is a blaze of all year round fauna from canary yellow mimosa to the white almond blossom – even in the height of summer the foliage still maintains a green glow despite the warm and temperate climate.


Historically, the Eagle crest has been closely associated with various important shifts in matters over the centuries with the Spanish using it on their Shield to signify their road towards democracy to Napoleon Bonaparte using it as a symbol of his new French Empire.

Incidentally, if you ever visit the historical second city of the country – O Porto – check out the huge statue of the French eagle crushed by the lion of England and its allies to commemorate Arthur Wesley’s stunning capture of the city from General Shue. Mr Wesley as you know later became more famous as the Duke of Wellington and faced Bonaparte at that one fateful meeting in Belgium.

THE REAL ALBUFEIRA MARINA ….!!!!!! ( and the view from Cerro D’Aguia )